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We chat about how we can spend the best time with our sons by looking at the simplicity of small gestures and how these are decisive in our lives.One of the concerns when a baby is born is the time we spend together. Time is essential in our lives and often passes quickly, scaring us. Children grow, change and acquire new autonomies. On this journey, we can feel guilty for spending a short while with our children.How many questions arise from this feeling: do we spend enough time together? Am I spending the right amount of time with my baby? Or can I spend more time with my children?...Fears, doubts, and responsibilities often lead us to ask questions to make sense of our thoughts. Our lives are usually busy, with a strict schedule to follow, and we desire to complete all our necessary tasks.

How many times have we wished for more hours in a day?

It's true, life can feel overwhelming sometimes, especially when we're constantly juggling responsibilities and dealing with unexpected challenges. It's important to take a step back and think the targets we've accomplished despite unpredicted events. By focusing on what truly matters and giving purpose to our daily routine and in this way, we can find a sense of peace and fulfillment amidst the busyness.Is it possible to dedicate time to what is important to me?Definitely yes!

It can be challenging to balance all of our responsibilities, especially when we have children. However, with extra careful planning and organisation, it is possible to dedicate time to what is important to us. Prioritizing and scheduling time for activities that bring us joy and fulfillment can help us maintain a healthy balance in our lives.

It's important to remember that taking care of ourselves is just as important as looking after of our families and work obligations. What is the meaning of quality time?

Let's try to think of a memory, just something pleasing that makes us smile, excite us, relive an instant... Here it is! that reminds us how important that experience was for us. We don't remember the seconds, the minutes, or the hours, but we carry inside the feeling, an image, that scent, that sensation on the skin. A child lives on emotions and captures every moment without prejudice.

The children decide to carry that memory with them during the day and want to meet us again to experience more.They don't look at time by counting the hours but at the intention to share bearing a common space. You don't need expensive or particular activities, but simply the desire to be together. Talk about yourself through eyes, words, and gestures. Experience a moment of tenderness. Go shopping together. Tidy your own spaces. Cook a meal. It's amazing how simple activities can bring us closer together and foster healthy relationships. Spending time with our babies and engaging in activities like cooking, shopping, and tidying up can help us bond, share emotions, and create lifelong memories. It's important to cherish these moments and make the most of them.


The only important thing is being together.

Quality time is all about speaking, listening, knowing, discovering, and understanding each other. It doesn't matter how much time during the day we live at the same time, but how we decide to spend it being present in the relationship.

Whatever you choose to do, it will be nice to do it together, responding to the needs and propose of the child.

Quality time is the space where we meet to enjoy the company.We build emotional connections throughout the day to learn to understand each other, get to know each other and manage emotions, in all its nuances, more naturally. We

encourage children to discover and acquire greater self-awareness accompanied by an adult who decides to be there and be there for them, simply for the pleasure of sharing that moment.

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