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from 3 to 36 months

The Bim Bum Bimbo nursery has within itself, as its name finely depicts, the image of the child and its healthy, ecological, fun and organic educational space in which he is immersed... 


Our structure has as its main aim the promotion and complete education of the child in his first years of life, respecting his particular characteristics and taking care of his emotional, cognitive-intellectual, human aspect, a place where we go beyond the purely care and pure play, as it can be in the reality of babyparking.

It will be a point of reference for parents and their children, who will be guaranteed an educational basis and the opportunity to play, experiment, get to know, learn, socialize with their peers, preparing them for the next nursery school.


This premise, to highlight our philosophy and our basic educational principles, based on years of experience, useful to the child as stimulus and growth. The structure of the spaces, the games and the materials proposed are designed so that each of them finds answers suited to their personal level of development and autonomy. 


At the same time, the periodic observation of the files of each of them, with the drawings, comments and descriptions of particular moments and photos, will help the educators to have a more complete vision of the child and above all to give a more precise account. to the parent. 


It will all be child-sized, he will be the protagonist in a place where the educational relationship is not one of absorption, through a linear input-output procedure with the educator who has a predominant role with an action of addressing and  who each objective corresponds to activities that must lead to achieving that specific individual performance. It will be our prerogative to keep adult interventionism low, to carry out a background action, to prepare open experiences, rather than strongly pre-established itineraries.


This is not a sort of "educational subtraction" but a way of living our educational role centered on the ability to tune into the evolutionary potential of children, without unnecessary forcing; educator and child will aim to create a space-time in which exchange prevails over transmission.


 Despite this, there will be precise planning and its objectives, checks on the educational paths and an always active discussion between the educational staff.


The family will be fully involved in the life of the nursery through participation in a series of meetings such as individual interviews with the reference educator, meetings to check on the progress of the group, the "open nursery" day, our parties.

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