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Infant School


from 3 to 6 years

Bim Bum Bimbo's nursery school as a place of life and education.
The school will accompany the child on a training path that will allow him to gain awareness of himself and the world around him. 
The school section will follow an annual program with a specific theme, which will be supported and expanded by various laboratory projects which in turn can be expanded, modified and updated after careful observation and evaluation (the teacher's documentation).
The projects are part of the programme, through which children cooperate with their peers on work to undertake, are encouraged to make decisions and make their own choices.
It is for this reason that conversation, listening, comparison with other subjects of the same age or adults, with similar and different thoughts, will become the center of all the work. It will offer fertile ground for the exchange of ideas, in which thoughts will take shape and in which they will have the opportunity to enrich themselves.

The school section will be heterogeneous with children aged 3 to 6, with a reference teacher who will take care of them from a relational-affective and pedagogical-educational point of view.
Education will be understood as a process of teacher-child and child-teacher exchange.

The child, who is a single individual but also part of a society, must have the opportunity to develop many languages thanks to daily action with different materials, different points of view, activating the body, thought and emotions.

The teacher will have the task of enhancing the expressiveness and creativity of each child, which is unique!

In the section there will be different play spaces to give each child the opportunity to express themselves, experiment and experiment, choose, play in a group or alone.
In an environment in which each child is considered a subject capable of constructing images, thoughts and knowledge, attention to the furnishings and spaces of the section will be fundamental, which will have a reserved outdoor space, in addition to that of the terrace shared with the section nest.

The main points that will characterize the Bim Bum Bimbo school will be:
The consideration of school as a place of life and education
Teacher training
The spaces will be many, different and adequate: environments for exploration
The participation of families, school-family communication throughout the educational year
Documentation (through observation, digital material, evaluations)
The workshop projects can be expanded, modified and updated during the school year, respecting the times and needs of the children

The school will stand out for the quality of the food given to the children: bread, pasta, meat, fruit, vegetables and snacks are organic or KM0.
The fish supplied, although it cannot be certified, still comes from sustainable fishing in clear waters, thus guaranteeing the very high quality of the product.
Meals in the facility will arrive daily from the kitchen of the Via Nuoro office.
All the packaged organic products we choose are certified, so what we receive has been subjected to specific and rigorous checks.
As regards fruit, vegetables and bread, we source from certified local farmers who guarantee the high quality of their production.
It is well known that organic foods, given their origin from crops without chemical interventions, are more nutritious, rich in substances necessary for the body and free of poisons. According to this principle, seasonal products are favored for greater quality and presence of vitamins and mineral salts; products from large industries, rich in additives and sweeteners, are completely absent.
All this to also accommodate all those children, so many nowadays, who are allergic to many substances present in foods advertised as "better" but less healthy.

All the furnishings, in addition to being specific and suitable for the age group considered, are certified biocompatible, designed to protect the well-being of children and to safeguard the environment.

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